The Fisher Family

Friday, February 19, 2016

January and February 2016

April celebrated her birthday in Jan.  We had a fun family party for her as well as she and I going to lunch together on her real birthday. Happy birthday April!
I posted two pictures with the family for her party so that both photographers could be in a picture:) 
April with her girls.
In Jan. and Feb.  Me, Kim, Annie, April, and her girls had fun attending some of Warren and Weston's basket ball games.
Love this amazing little basketball player!
Coach Fisher with his little princess.
Grandma and Ruby.
Warren made lots of points for his team.
He was lucky enough to have his dad coaching his team,
Warren and Grandma.
He is an awesome player too!
Taking a shot.
After we got a big snow storm these three little ladies were lucky enough to have their Aunt and Uncle come play with them in the snow.  They made snowmen, snow angels, and had a snow ball fight!  Fun fun!
In Feb. cute Eliza turned nine years old.  
On her real birthday Grandma took her to lunch and to pick up her little cookie cake.  Following that her Aunt took her out for a birthday treat and then her aunt and uncle took her to dinner.  That night she got to go on a daddy daughter date with her Grandpa and sisters.  I think she had a great birthday!
On Valentines day we celebrated Eliza's birthday with the family and we also had a fun Valentines party!  Below is the table all decorated.
Eliza with her big cookie cake.
Grandma and Eliza.
The family with Eliza.
It was a fun party!  Andrew's family missed the picture but came by for dessert and to wish Eliza a happy birthday!