The Fisher Family

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Family Reunion 2010 and Alyse's Adventures.

Last Friday we left for a road trip to my family reunion. These girls had lots of fun watching movies and being silly in the back seats. My sister Carol (pictured below with me) was hosting it this year at her home in the mountains of Westcliffe Colorado.

Me with my siblings that are living.

Cute Annie.

There was a very curious deer that kept getting close and checking us out. He was especially interested in little Eliza as she sat playing in the dirt. He would get so close to her that an adult would have to walk toward him to scare him away.

Eliza and Brianna had fun playing with their great Aunt Carol's games.

April and Alyse.

Alyse, Annie and Brianna.

Everyone! We enjoyed great company, some absolutely amazing food, and the funny video that Carol's grandkids had made. We had a grand time!

Alyse has had some fun adventures of her own. The picture below is of Park City from the ski lift. Alyse and a friend from work went on a fun little trip there and had a really good time.

Alyse also had a fun get together with some of her old BYU friends pictured below. One of them is married now and the other just got home from a mission.

I had to include this silly video of Eliza on our road trip. She is singing along with gusto to a song from the cartoon Phineas and Pherb.

Monday, June 21, 2010

One more Birthday, Anniversary, and Fathers Day

My oldest daughter celebrates her birthday this week. It is hard for me to believe how fast time goes. It seems like yesterday that she was just born and I was rocking her in my arms. Now she is a wife and mother of three. So I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane. Here she is through the years.

The family celebrated her birthday with her last night for family night. It was a beautiful evening and a fun party. Thanks for coming everyone. Happy Birthday Jenn! I hope the coming year brings you much happiness!

The day after Jennifer's birthday she celebrates her wedding anniversary! So happy anniversary to her and her husband! Below is how they looked when they got married and what their cute family looks like today.

Kim had a good fathers day! It was fun to have everyone come by! We love time with the family.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday

Kim and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary this past weekend. It made us reminisce about the day we got married so I thought I would share a few moments from that day 38 years ago. I still recognise Kim but I don't recognise myself. Was I ever that skinny?

Our son in law Joel celebrated his birthday this past week and the family had a party for him at our family dinner on Sunday. Happy Birthday we hope you have a great year!

At Joel's party I tried once more for a great picture with all my grandchildren. These are the best but I'm not sure which one wins.