The Fisher Family

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy Alyse, Barn Dance, Basketball Babies

Alyse has been so busy lately! Besides going to school she has started working 2 jobs. She is also an officer in her LDS sorority. School, two jobs, officer in Kappa = busy, busy, busy! She just finished an awesome directory for Kappa but it took every spare moment she had last week to get it done. Oh yeah and then there were the papers due and midterms, and work. A week ago she hosted a Kappa Tea at our house. Alyse was happy to see last Friday come. She didn't have to work so she could actually go out and enjoy the Barn Dance that Kappa was having! Yay! Below is a picture of the Kappa girls and there dates. Alyse is on the right hand side next to the boy in the big white hat. (And yes it is actually held in a barn) Crazy dance moves!

Alyse and her date.
The Kappa girls. Alyse is on the back row on the right hand side. Fun times.

Last Sunday at our family dinner Warren and Eliza had fun playing basket ball. Warren liked it best when his dad would actually hold him up high enough that he could dunk the ball into the basket. Warren kept a tight hold on his ball. He wasn't going to let Eliza get it.
Eliza " My ball, my ball."
She got it anyway. Good throw!
Eliza got the green ball, but luckily we have more than one ball.
Trying to make a basket.

Holding tight to the ball. They both had fun!
Brianna didn't play ball but she had fun watching.
Brianna and Alyse.
This is a random picture that I stole from April. Last Monday we had a little time to drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon and see the fall leaves. They were beautiful! We went for a little hike around Silver Lake. It was an absolutely beautiful day! Unlike today. Today I'm looking at the snow on the mountains. Burrr. What a difference 2 days can make.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Best Little Cheerleaders Ever!

Both of Annie's volleyball games were home games this week. It was so nice not to have to travel to get to them. Kim and I are always at all Annie's games, but on Tuesday Alyse was able to attend as well as Andy's family and April's family. So Annie had quite a large cheering section. Nobody cheered harder than Warren and Eliza. Warren would put both arms in the air and yell at the top of his lungs "Yay Yay!" Eliza would raise one arm up while yelling at the top of her lungs "Go Annie, Go Annie". It was the cutest thing ever. I think many spectators were watching them cheer instead of watching the game. We had several people tell us that they had been the best little cheerleaders ever! I didn't get a picture of them doing it but I wish I had. Below is cute Brianna. She didn't cheer but she sat on Grandpa's lap through most of the game and smiled at everybody. Below is Warren trying to recreate his cheer.

Here's Eliza. She was a good cheerleader but no cheering going on in this picture.

Annie doing one of her famous serves.
Usually at the games Annie ignores us and if she sees I am taking a picture of her she turns her head so I can't get a good one. But with some of her nieces and a nephew there she was all smiles and got a kick out of them cheering for her.
Getting ready for another serve.

They won both their games this week against some tough teams. Keep it up Annie!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September Birthdays

There are two special people that have Sept. birthdays in our family. First is Hunter. We celebrated his birthday with him at our family dinner last Sunday. Lighting the candles.
Can you guess how old he is?
Happy Birthday Hunter we love you and wish you a good year!

Tonight we celebrated Brianna's one year old birthday at Aprils home. Has a whole year gone by since she was born? Unbelievable!
Going for the cake!
Yup she got some.

Opening presents. April had a number of friends come by as well as family so Brianna had lots of gifts to open.

It was really more fun playing with the wrapping paper and gifts bags than with the presents.
This is just a random picture of Warren. Last week when I was tending him he worked very hard to unhook one of the little copper pots that hang on our fireplace. he was so proud of himself when he got it down. What did he do with it? Put it on his head of course. To him it was just another hat.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Rock

I know all High Schools have their own special traditions, but Annie's school has a rather unique one. Skyline is Olympus's (Annie's school) arch rival and they have been forever. Even back when I attended Olympus they were and even farther back when my husband attended Olympus they were. The tradition is this, there is a rock and when Skyline and Olympus play each other in football the winner of the game gets to keep The Rock, paint it their school color, and display it in their trophy case for the year. It is a pretty big deal! The year before I started high school Olympus lost The Rock to Skyline and all through the 3 years I attended high school Skyline kept The Rock. I never got to see it proudly sitting in our trophy case. Last year, Annie's sophomore year Skyline creamed Olympus and kept The Rock, but this year Olympus is doing awesome. Olympus has won all their games so far, including Skyline! So the Rock has been returned. In a school assembly members of the the football team proudly painted The Rock green in front of the whole student body. Annie has enjoyed having a good football team this year it makes the games much more fun to watch. Her volleyball team has been doing great also. The first home game is next Tues. if anyone wants to come watch. JV plays at 6:00 pm. Any of you out there have any fun school traditions to share?