The Fisher Family

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Andrew, Temple Sealing, Sports, Easter 2015

Andrew celebrated his birthday in March and we as a family celebrated with him at a fun family dinner. Below is Andrew with his cute family:)
Me with Andrew and his yummy cake.
The whole family with Andy.  We were missing a few people who were sick.
We had the sweet experience of witnessing our friends who were baptized a couple of years ago be sealed in the Temple.  Below is the group of friends who were there supporting them.
Penelope and Joseph
I have had fun watching some of my grandsons play sports.  The two cuties below are awesome soccer players:)
This handsome young man is a talented Lacrosse player:)
We had fun celebrating Easter with our family. Below are Annie and I in our Easter outfits.
Kim and I
April's family
Andy's family
Cute Alyse

The Grandchildren:)
We had such a fun Easter celebration together.  Took lots of pictures, had a nice dinner, then the grandkids had an Easter Bag hunt, and following that there was an Easter egg hunt for everyone. On the real Easter we celebrated with those in our household and enjoyed wonderful counsel from our church leaders in the General Conference sessions.  I am so grateful to my Savior for making it possible for me and each of us to be resurrected and live.  If we didn't have Easter there would be no reason to celebrate Christmas. So grateful for our Savior and what he did!!!