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Monday, March 20, 2017

Hawaii 2017 and Other things

This picture is from Valentines Day when I dropped these little sweethearts off their Valentines.
It was fun getting to watch these two play basketball.
This beautiful dancer was in so many dances at her jazz concert that it made it really fun to watch.
With Dad and Mom.
Our trip to Hawaii really was a trip of a life time.   To be able to be there with all my family was a dream come true for me! Day one-
 Below I am with my grandchildren at Hanauma Bay.  Great snorkleing!

It was such a fun day and at the end of it we had a wonderful dinner of Hawaiian Hay Stacks and celebrated Andy's birthday with him!
Day two we started with an early morning session at the Hawaiian Temple with all our kids and their spouses.  It stopped raining long enough after to get a few pictures. 
Then it was off to the Polynesian Cultural Center where in spite of the rain all day we had a great time visiting the different Island villages.
Taking the boat ride
Annie took one of us from the shore.
The boat show.
Alyse and I.
Me with Annie at the buffet dinner before the big show that night.  We couldn't resist getting these yummy drinks!
Day 3- drove around the Island and looked at little towns and beaches in the rain.  When the rain stopped we went to the Turtle Bay beach.  It was a great one for the little ones.
While we were there this guy swam up and climbed out of the water and made himself comfortable on the sand.  We saw 3 different seals at three different beaches during the week we were there.
Day 4- we went to the big Flea Market held at the big stadium there.  Some of us found some good deals.  These 3 had fun sharing a snow cone.  It was a hot day. 
After the Flea Market we spent the afternoon at the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life!  Lanikai Beach did not disappoint and we enjoyed the afternoon in the beautiful water and white sand.
Day 5- We all attended church together and after took pictures and explored the beautiful Temple grounds. Below is my oldest with her family.
Me with two of my older grandkids.
My son's family.
Me with my sons kids.
Me with two of April's kids.
Alyse and Jarom.
The whole family!
After the temple we went to a beach and took more family pictures.
Then we went back to the house and Jenn and Joel made us a wonderful dinner of beef and broccoli, orange chicken and a yummy salad.  Later in the evening I drove Alyse back to the Temple where she met an old mission companion who lives in Hawaii.  It was fun to see their reunion and meet her friend, her husband and little boy.
Day 6-  We went to a beach in the morning with all our daughters and their family's while our son visited Pearl Harbor with his family.  In the afternoon we returned to Lanikai Beach and met up with our son and his family there.  The grandkids had a ball!
Day 7- sadly our last day.  We went back to Turtle Bay which we all enjoyed.

After  a couple of hours there we headed back to the house, packed up, drove to the Dole Plantation and got a Dole Whip (yum!)  and then headed to Honolulu where we enjoyed seeing Waikiki and the shopping area there.  Then it was off to the airport to take the red eye flight home.  We had a wonderful trip!  I wish we could have stayed another week it was so fun!

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